For more than 40 years, Drill Team Hawaii has believed that dance is an expression of the joy in the dancer’s heart, the depth of her character, and the strength of her values. Teaching dance is as much about nurturing values as it is about coaching precise movements and athletic grace.

We provide our students with trained, experienced teachers and a safe, happy environment where girls can learn and develop their potential. Whether it’s ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, or jazz, we believe excellence in dance only comes from within.

We dance to pursue excellence. We dance to celebrate. We dance to show our joy.

We are Drill Team Hawaii.


Drill Team Hawaii performs regularly at Hawaii’s top sporting events and many other local and national special events, including the University of Hawaii’s homecoming games, the NFL Pro Bowl, the USA-China Volleyball Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center, and at Brigham Young University-Hawaii basketball games.

We have been selected to represent our island community in parades including the Aloha Bowl Parade, the Hula Bowl Parade, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York and the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

Our dancers have won both team and individual championships at local, national, and international competitions. To provide our girls with opportunities to compete and demonstrate all that they’ve learned, we’ve traveled as far as California, Utah, Texas, to the ESPN Dance competition in Florida, and even to Japan. Most recently, we took home top awards at the 2016 Showstopper Regional Competition held in Anaheim, California.

Teams are set up according to age, height, maturity, and ability:


Our Show Team is a select group of dancers chosen for their exceptional performance ability. Girls from each level combine as an elite dance troupe and perform all year at special functions.

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High school girls in grades 9 – 12 or advanced younger dancers. We expect the First Priority team to lead by example and mentor the younger girls to become better dancers and better people. Girls are expected to work independently and as a team toward their goals, as well as creatively explore dance and choreography.

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Grades 7 – 10. Our juniors are committed to excellence and are confident in performing with showmanship and precision. Girls learn to dance out of their box and work to perfect their technique.

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Grades 4 – 6. At this age, our ‘tween girls are growing physically, emotionally, and artistically. Girls build upon a basic foundation in ballet and will be challenged with more advanced techniques in jazz and hip hop. Other forms of dance are introduced to expand their repertoire.

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Grades 2 – 4. Our Super Minis continue to work on the fundamentals of ballet, jazz and hip hop while incorporating gymnastics and tumbling, such as aerials and front walkovers. The precision required at this young age is impressive and teaching discipline is as important as teaching dance.

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Grades K – 2. We set high standards from the beginning and demonstrate the value of being responsible, respectful, compassionate, loyal, and honest. Although we are an all-girl team, we love to dance with everyone in our family — especially with our dancing dads!

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Dance and gym classes for beginners on Saturdays to prepare for the Drill Team Hawaii tryouts — or for girls who just want to begin a love for dance! In Prep Class, new dancers develop flexibility, coordination and strength while learning basic dance technique and gymnastics. Prep dancers will learn a dance routine and perform in two Drill Team Hawaii shows each year. Girls should be four years or older to register for classes.


Penny Young, Director

For over four decades, Penny along with her daughter, Febray, have traveled and competed with their team in such events as Ed McMahon Star Search, ESPN Dance Competition in Florida, NYC Dance Alliance in New York City, Contest of Champions, Miss Drill Team USA and Miss Drill Team international in Japan. They have also traveled as judges to competitions throughout many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Ireland.

Their main goal has been to teach girls to love dance. They have worked hard to ensure and maintain guiding principles for their students. They believe that dance is a medium for helping young girls grow into responsible, dedicated, and happy young women.

Febray Kaopua, Co-Director & Team Choreographer

A third generation dance instructor, Febray Kaopua serves as co-director along with her mother, Penny Young. Febray attended St. Andrews Priory and grew up dancing as a member of Drill Team Hawaii. She went to study at Utah State University, where she danced as a USU Aggiette. Wanting to continue the family tradition, she returned home to Hawaii to tutor aspiring young dancers. She also serves as Team Choreographer, and has choreographed routines for performances on Ed McMahon’s Star Search, the Macy’s Thanksgiving’s Day Parade, and numerous other events and competitions.

Febray is the mother of three daughters, two who currently dance with Drill Team Hawaii. Her oldest daughter continues to pursue her love dance while studying at college.




Penny Young founded Drill Team Hawaii and has been the director for more than four decades. Born in Ogden, Utah, Penny’s love of dance emerged as a 5-year-old at her mother’s dance school. Penny is the mother of three children and married to Craig Young, an instructor at Punahou School.

She began her career as a dance instructor at Salt Lake City’s Cyprus High School where she established the first drill team in the Salt Lake area. That drill team, “The Spinnakers”, still remains a well-known, winning dance team.

In 1968, she moved to Hawaii after accepting a position at Brigham Young University – Hawaii as Director of Student Activities and dance instructor.

Two years later she joined the St. Andrew’s Priory where she established a dance team called the “First Priority.” She directed a group of 16 girls who performed at sporting events throughout the state. A few years later she expanded and added younger girls and invited girls from other schools to join the team. This combined group is known today as Drill Team Hawaii.